Education is the most powerful tool that exists against AIDS, and hence in order to educate the young students about this disease, its transmission, and prevention this Anti- AIDS campaign was organized in various schools of the country.

The students proved to be an intellectual and interactive audience and hence the purpose for this campaign was well achieved.

The events included:
  • A scientific and lucid presentation/talk about all the details of the transmission, spread and the prevention of the disease.
  • HIV test kit demonstration (for removing the fear of the test and for providing the students the precise knowledge of the subject).
  • An open discussion and question-answer session for eliminating the myths welling up in the youth.
  • Questionnaire(filled in by the students, a test of the knowledge they have gained in the complete campaign. )


It is noted that just 1 pint of blood can save three lives. Give blood, give the Gift Of Life… Keeping this as our aim, we organized a blood donation camp under the Red Ribbon Club . Many students voluntarily participated in this valiant deed.

The people who need blood come in all ages and from all ethnic and economic walks of life. They require transfusions to replace blood they have lost during surgery, because of accidents or internal bleeding.

Provision of the proper type of blood at the right time makes us all the difference from life to death.


There is a grave importance in HIV testing because not only is it important to your health, but it also helps to prevent the spread of HIV to other individuals.

It was held in order to remove the fear of the test among the young people, it provided a seamless platform for free testing and reporting, in which about 50 students got tested voluntarily.


The most effective way to reach out both the scientific and non-scientific populations. An interesting way to aptly communicate our message with maximal efficiency. The drama was organized so to be viewed by an enormous audience and the aim was to successfully make them understand the simple notions about this disease in a way that would actually reach them.

An AIDS-Awareness skit was prepared in which about 11 students participated and the skit was displayed in front a huge audience and it served it purpose of spreading the awareness about the transmission and prevention of AIDS.


“COHORT IS AN ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE ATTITUDE OF THE SOCIETY By finding innovative ways of communicating with youth and sensitizing them towards the inspective issues of RRC.

It is organized with the aim of promoting awareness and molding the youth towards a better and healthier future. Donation was be made to an NGO working for the noble cause against HIV. So lets join our hands and move towards becoming an cognizant society.”

An annual event, subsequent to Cohort 2011, was organized in the institute, that brought together numerous students, about 302, from several institutions. There were many events organized in the form of competitions to induce understanding and acquaintance.


A cohort is a group of people who are around the same age, like a cohort of philanthropists who have similar experiences and concerns… With these values we named the event as COHORT-2011, with a defined collective view of disseminating the knowledge about the disease, scientifically, along with other humanitarian events which we felt are much needed to arise a social responsibility amongst the youth.

Number of Participants: 152